Maften Hall & Stamfordham School – North East PR Photography

MatfenHall003North East PR Photography

Quite a lot of my North East PR photography jobs come in at the last minute, this one was only one day before the actual shoot and sounded fantastic!  Matfen Hall had invited children from Stamfordham School to join them at their wonderful hotel for a morning of food, fun and games.  The head chef gave a great talk to the children about healthy eating, it’s something I am all for and believe education is key to giving the next generation the right tools to make informed decisions about their diets, however as children love to get involved the talk wasn’t too long and quickly moved on to them building their own sandwiches.  Again this was a great way to help them understand ingredients and how to make food, they enjoyed the process and being given the choice of which fillings to have.  The food was then packed away for later in the day… it was only 10am and so maybe a little too early for lunch.

North East PR photography can range from still shots of executives in front of a building site to candid reporting of an event, I love both but there’s something extra special about capturing children playing, their joy and laughter is truly wonderful.  Matfen Hall put on lawn games such as Snakes & Ladders, giant Jenga and loads of colouring in books and crayons for them to play with.  The children had a brilliant time playing in the lovely gardens bathed in the summer sunshine.

Once back inside the children were given juice to rehydrate and a goody bag full of delightful things to take away with them (along with their packed lunch of course!), they’d had a brilliant time and I have to say Matfen Hall deserve a lot of credit for such a great morning.

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