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Newcastle Photography of safe young driverNewcastle Photography

One of the best things when shooting Newcastle Photography is when a previous client comes back to you and asks you to do more work for them.  It shows they are happy with your work and have faith in your ability.  Ingenie Car Insurance got in touch and asked me to carry out another shoot for them, similar to the last one where the images will be used in a case study about young drivers.  You may remember my last job with them was to promote their ‘black box’ scheme, it seems popular as my new model for the day Rachel is also on the scheme.

For those who don’t know the black box records how safely the driver behaves on the road, like Faith my last case study Rachel was keen to make use of the scheme to save money on her insurance.  My Newcastle Photography brief was to get shots of her with the car outside the College where she studies.  I had a chat with Rachel during the photoshoot and she was very happy with her insurance policy and felt the scheme really helped young drivers save money.  If you look in to the company it has a real ethos about helping young drivers with cheaper policies which is great.  Far too many young people are looked down on by insurance companies and their policies are usually very expensive.  The black box scheme helps safe drivers earn better priced insurance, it bases the price on real data to avoid all young people being tarred with the same brush.

I am sure I will be taking photos of another young Ingenie customer soon but until then please click the following link to view more images from my shoot with Rachel and Ingenie Car Insurance.

Click here to view images from my shoot