NHS Business Services – North East Commercial Photography

North East Commercial Photography of lady in office environmentNorth East Commercial Photography

Whilst shooting North East Commercial Photography I did a couple of shoots for the NHS at their Newcastle offices where they deal with pensions and bursaries.  A few months later they invited me down to Fleetwood for do some photos there and more recently Mansfield.  I enjoy shooting for the NHS as they are a great public sector organisation and such a vital part of our culture, they are also an employer of a huge number of people and play a big part in the economy.

Mansfield may seem like a bit of a journey for someone who mainly shoots North East Commercial Photography but I’m always happy to travel around the UK for companies and enjoy working at new places with new people.  Luckily the staff at the NHS Business Services Authority are always happy to have their photos taken and we get some great shots as a result.  Most of the shots here and also with previous shoots are to be used in internal publications and intranet articles, some will be used once and others time and time again, it’s a great way for the organisation to show how much they value their staff teams as each article or publication has real staff members shown alongside the text.

We also shot a few headshots whilst there, they will be used for staff ID badges and internal profiles.  I have taken corporate headshots on a white background with studio lighting for a few companies but using the office environment also works well, the blinds in this case giving a nice background and keeping some context to the images in regards being in the work place.

My contact in the Business Services Authority mentioned they will need me to shoot North East Commercial Photography at their Newcastle branches again soon and I’m really looking forward to it.

You can view the images from the shoot by clicking on the following link – Click here to view the images