SOS Professionals – Durham Commercial Photography

Model poses in bridal gown at SOS Professionals

Durham Commercial Photography

I shot Durham Commercial Photography for a new bridal boutique and salon that opened in Birtley recently and was impressed by all the services they had to offer under one roof for brides to be.  The owners Sean and Michelle asked me to come along and shoot a ‘bridal’ experience with one of the staff standing in as the bride and using the services they have on offer ranging from hair and nails through to a great selection of bridal gowns and accessories.

Staff member Danielle isn’t a model but agreed to stand in for the evening and did a fantastic job looking great in the dresses, she was a bit of a natural in front of the lens and was able to follow my direction really well.  Thanks to building a great relationship with Sean and Michelle during this Durham Commercial Photography project they’ve invited me back next week to shoot their grand opening and I’ve been informed there will be a TV star cutting the ribbon which is quite exciting.

This is a great local business and I can see it serving the community well with a sort of one stop shop for brides to be with lots of services under one roof, it’s early days for Sean and Michelle but I can tell they have a lot of drive and determination when it comes to building the business and what they offer is diverse and of high quality.  I’m sure SOS Professionals ( will be a roaring success and I wish them lots of luck with the business.

Images from the shoot can be viewed via the following link: